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The Fortis Company provides sourcing for our own portfolio and to large volume multi-family and single family contractors. Improve your margins using our relationships and over 30 years of Asia sourcing experience. Specializing in multi-family components, fasteners, structural item and audio components. In order to sustain any degree of success, one must be willing to constantly evaluate and re-evaluate their processes. This is certainly true in the processes of sourcing and procurement. Strategic sourcing in procurement is the process for continuously re-evaluating one’s purchasing activities in order to lower costs and/or otherwise improve on the organization’s supply chain dealings and the management thereof. Here are a few of the business objectives that a sourcing partnership can help to achieve: 

Reduced Risk

Sourcing relationships mean more agility for reducing risk factors in procurement. A sourcing partner with long term fulfillment relationships can provide greater visibility into products, terms, and prices that the market offers – which can become quite the competitive advantage. 

Competitive Advantage

The competitive advantage can be extended to both parties through the fostering of a collaborative relationship. “Fully alighing with and treating suppliers as strategic business partners ultimately brings higher success rates, reduces risks and fosters innovation for both parties.” –Brian Miller

New Opportunities

Aligning with a sourcing partner will help to mitigate risk and open the door or new opportunities, including an entrance into new markets or a greater ability to maximize financial value. Create a strategic mutually beneficial partnership with The Fortis Company to gain greater innovation which leads to increased cash flow. 






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